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Double Deep Pallet Racking System Supplier in Dubai, UAE

Zyco is a premier choice for double deep pallet racking system supplier in Dubai, UAE. This system maximizes storage density by accommodating pallets two deep, effectively reducing access aisles by half. While access and stock rotation may be somewhat compromised, Zyco ensures optimal solutions. To utilize this setup, a specialized reach truck or attachment is employed for accessing the second slot in the racks. As leading shelving and racking suppliers in Dubai, UAE, Zyco caters to warehouses seeking to store a wide variety of items at elevated heights, making them a top-tier choice in the region.


  • Increased storage capacity.
  • Fewer aisles, that is a single selective racking system.
  • Faster Pallet handling time.


  • Requires specialized forklift.
  • Reduced accessibility of pallets

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