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Cantilever Racking System in Dubai, UAE

If you're in search of cantilever racking system in Dubai, UAE, Zyco is your trusted supplier. These systems, available in single-sided and double-sided configurations, are the ultimate solution for storing long and oversized items in Dubai. Whether it's bundles of wood, steel bars, or lengthy tubes, cantilever racking offers a robust and efficient storage solution. Through meticulous design and engineering, Zyco enhances the strength, stability, and safety of these multi-layer storage systems. The single-sided racks provide flexibility for changing stock, while the double-sided racks maximize storage capacity on a central column. Choose Zyco, a leading shelving and racking supplier in Dubai, UAE, for your cantilever racking needs.


  • Suitable for Lengthy pipes and tubes.
  • Selective access to all items.
  • Optimal storage.


  • Relatively High initial investment.
  • More floor space than other forms of the storage system.

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